Root Your Android Device

with one simple click
Access More Apps Preserve Battery Life Faster Perfomance

Roots Most Android Devices

Rescue Root features a state of the art Android rooting database, complete with all of the latest scripts and exploits, all of which are custom matched and optimized for your specific phone. With a single click, Rescue Root can root almost any Android device. We currently have full support for all phones running Android 1.x, 2.x, 4.0.x and 4.1.x. Our database contains over 1000 supported devices, from phones to tablets to e-readers; each of which we have a proven and tested method to safely and easily root the device that is guaranteed to work. What makes our software so simple to use is that unlock other one click root programs, Rescue Root monitors and customizes the rooting to your specific device, and expertly manages all the rooting so you don’t need to follow and complicated steps or deal with code. It really is as simple as plugging in your phone and pressing a button!

Backup and Protects Your Data

With Rescue Root, you get unlimited free backups of your entire Android device, including Apps, Contacts, stored files, and text messaging, all saved and encrypted securely on your own hard drive. These backups are taken automatically every time you root and Android device, so you never need to worry about your data being lost or erased while rooting. With Rescue Root, your valuable personal data is always safe and secure.

Unlimited Data Restoration

Your secure local backups can be restored just as easily as they are taken. Should your phone ever need to have a factory reset for any reason, you can restore any one of your saved backup files and know that your data is safe. Like everything else in Rescue Root, the data restore function is incredibly simple and can be done with just one click.


To add to your peace of mind, Rescue Root comes with a built in Unroot function, that can restore a phone to its previous unrooted state just as easily as it roots your device. Should you ever need to take your phone in for warranty service, simply use the Unroot function, and your phone will look the same as it did when you bought it. You can root and unroot as many times as you like with Rescue Root, the functionality is truly limitless.

Unparalleled Support

There may be more than one way to root an Android, butRescue Root is the only one that comes with 24/7 support from a team of highly trained Android rooting experts.Our support staff have all personally rooted hundreds to thousands of devices, and can help you with any kind of problem you may encounter. All of this will ensure that your rooting process is as fast and easy as possible.